Even in this time of virtual-reality gaming and 4k TVs, when kids have adapted to play without moving, few gifts can electrify children the way a bike can. Just days ago, I witnessed my five-year-old son unwrap a bike for his birthday, and I still have a headache from the squeal of joy he let loose. It pierced the air like the whistle of the Polar Express and caused his grandmother spill her coffee on the floor.

You can't go wrong buying a child you love a new bike or cycling gear this holiday season. But if you really want to impress the little ripper, consider any of the gifts below. Each has been evaluated by our editors, and many are products we’ve purchased for our own children.

There are some badass bikes and helmets the small shredder in your life will want to wear. We also include fun products that will keep them safe, plus a few items that will get them stoked to ride on days when they can’t make it outside. (Then when you're done, consider getting yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones to protect your ears from the screams of joy these products are bound to produce.)

Early Rider Trail Runner



We’ve tried more than a dozen balance bikes, and this one from Early Rider stands out. It’s got a lightweight aluminium frame, grippy rubber tyres, and a sweet retro saddle that make it worth every penny.

Buy it: $240


Troy Lee Air Gloves



Gloves might not elicit shrieks of joy like a new bike, but when I gave these to my son, he was stoked. To him, they looked like something a superhero would wear, and he couldn’t wait to slip them on for his next ride. They come in six colours and five kids sizes - perfect for any young rider or budding superman.

Buy it: $40