Every cyclist needs at least two bike pumps: a good floor pump for home or in the car to keep your tyres inflated consistently; and a mini-pump or CO2 inflator to get you home in the case of a mid-ride flat.

Choosing the best bike pump may seem like a simple task until you realise that there are hundreds of pumps with different features, options, and prices. Is a metal base and large air chamber really necessary? What makes the $120 floor pump better than the one that costs $20? And is it ever worth spending $200+ on something that just inflates your tyres? These are important questions.

So we’ve tried, tested, broken, and abused pump after pump. We’ve taken them to races, ridden through dirt and mud with them on our bikes, tossed them to friends, dropped them, and used them to save our butts (and other people’s butts) on many a ride. Here is the round-up of what we consider to be the best bike pumps for cyclists.

Bontrager Turbo Charger



Bontrager’s Turbo Charger floor pump is a basic, no frills pump that does exactly what it’s supposed to, inflate tires. It is constructed out of steel and all of the internal workings are replaceable. The base is sturdy and the hose locks into the handle, keeping it in compact form when you’re on the go. Costs: $90.


Specialized Air Tool Pro



Specialized has several pumps in its air tool pump line. We’ve used the air tool pro for years and have been impressed with the durability. The Air Tool Pro is made of aluminium making it lightweight. The base has traction for your foot and a reliable, easy to read gauge. There’s an easy to use pressure release on the handle to assist in dialing in just the right pressure. Costs: Around $160