Lezyne Digital Road Drive



Lezyne’s Digital Road Drive is a great handheld pump to stash in your jersey pocket. It’s lightweight, compact, and has a digital gauge to help eliminate any guessing with pressures. It also features a flexible hose that makes it easy to get onto valves even at awkward angles and has a bleed valve to help get the air pressure just right. The seals are all replaceable and the pump is user serviceable. Costs: $123.50


Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive



Lezyne floor pumps have earned a reputation as some of the most durable around. They look great too. This Alloy Digital Drive floor pump has a CNC machined aluminium barrel and base, an easy to read and accurate digital gauge, and an extra long hose. This can be useful if your bike is in the repair stand. It has Lezyne’s ABS1 Pro head that attaches to valves at a 90 degree angle. It also includes a presta valve core tool. Costs: $150


OneUp EDC Pump



The mountain biker’s ultimate pump, OneUp Components’ EDC (Every Day Carry) Pump is a hand pump with a CO2 head that also stores OneUp’s multi-tool and/or a spare CO2 cartridge in the handle. It is made of lightweight aluminium and built to stand up to all sorts of weather and abuse. A large volume also allows for quicker inflation of large mountain bike tyres by moving more air with each pump. Costs: $78-85 (depending on cartridge size)