Genuine Innovations Air Chuck



There are a lot of different CO2 inflators on the market, but Genuine Innovations’ Air Chuck is one of the best. It’s lightweight (16g), reliable and simple to use. Genuine Innovations’ “Push-to-inflate” technology means there’s no risk of losing valuable air unless the chuck is on the valve. It also works with both presta and schrader valves. Costs: $46


Topeak Joe Blow



Topeak’s Joe Blow is a great option for a floor pump that is reliable yet won’t break the bank. It accommodates all types of valves and even includes adapters for sports balls/bladders. There is an easy-to-read gauge, and the hose stows neatly by the pump handle. When it’s not in use, the handle locks in place making it easy to transport. Costs: $85


Blackburn Chamber Tubeless Floor Pump



Blackburn’s Chamber tubeless floor pump is ideal for inflating tubeless tyres, with a separate chamber that can be charged with air. Pull on the handle and it releases a huge volume all at once, similar to an air compressor, to help the tyre seat correctly on the rim. The pump is built to last, works on any kind of bicycle valve, and has a air bleed button to fine tune pressures once the tyre is seated. The pump handle resembles a handlebar mounted to a standard 31.6 clamp, so you could even personalise it with a favourite bar in place of the stock one. Costs: $200